Discipline versus Abuse

February 19, 2020

Parents have the right to appropriately discipline their children. They do not have the right to abuse them. However, in the heat of the moment when the parent is angry and unable to control themselves, crossing the line between discipline and abuse may occur. Discipline teaches the child the difference between what is right and… Read More »

What is a Child Protection Policy?

February 13, 2020

A child protection policy is a blueprint for schools, state, and federal agencies, and other organizations to keep children safe. It includes detailed policies and practices staff should follow to create a safe environment for children to thrive free from emotional or physical abuse. An effective child protection policy addresses the following: Guidelines for Appropriate… Read More »

What are Common Reasons for Termination of Parental Rights?

February 6, 2020

Parenthood comes with certain rights and responsibilities. These rights are generally compatible and consistent with a healthy lifestyle that supports and values what is best for the welfare of the child. While the courts have a duty to protect parental rights that are wrongly threatened, when questions of paternal rights arise, the role of the… Read More »

What are the Rules for Removing a Child from a Home?

January 30, 2020

Despite what happens in film and on television shows, children cannot be removed from their homes without reason. In fact, New Jersey has guidelines and protocols in place to ensure that any removal of a child from a household is done in accordance with the law. The only reason anyone from the New Jersey Division… Read More »

Is Spanking Considered Child Abuse?

January 24, 2020

Spanking is a gray area when it comes to child abuse. For some, a quick spank serves as a disciplinary measure to get a child’s attention. For others, spanking is meant to punish and hurt the child. While New Jersey permits parents to spank their children, as well as use other types of corporal punishment,… Read More »

Medical Neglect

January 15, 2020

Parents are obligated to provide proper care for their children. For a parent or other legal guardian to neglect their child’s basic needs is a form of child abuse. Even when abuse is not evident, children may still be harmed by neglect. There are several forms of neglect, including physical, emotional, environmental, educational, supervisory, and… Read More »