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Personal Injury

When an injury occurs due to the negligence or carelessness of another, victims may be entitled to compensation. A qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer can examine the details of the accident to determine the best legal strategy to claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with the injury.

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

When an accident happens, injured victims may believe they are at fault and therefore exempt from compensation. This is a common misconception. Even when a victim feels partially responsible for their accident, the negligence or carelessness of another person may have contributed to the accident, making them liable for the injuries sustained.

Car Accidents: One of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits involve motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents can leave victims with debilitating injuries that require long recovery periods or permanent disability. The financial burden of an auto accident can severely impact the financial health of the victim and their family. Insurance policies may cover a large portion of property damage and major medical bills, but ongoing physical and emotional scars from the accident can persist long after insurance coverage has ended.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents: Accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles often result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are highly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries because they have no protection from air bags, encasement, or seat belts. The force of a collision can send riders soaring through the air or skidding along the road surface for hundreds of feet. Helmets go a long way to protect riders from head injuries, but traumatic brain injuries and broken bones are common. Following motorcycles or bicycles too closely, failing to obey local speed limits or traffic signs and signals, and driving in a designated bike lane are all examples of driver negligence and carelessness.

Pedestrian Accidents: Accidents involving pedestrians are increasing across our nation as more people are opting to walk to work and school or use public transportation. Pedestrians that are involved in accidents with automobiles typically suffer catastrophic injuries. Recovery periods can be long and involve numerous medical interventions and ongoing therapies. Compensation for pedestrian accidents can help victims focus on their recovery without the burden of the financial stress the accident can cause.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Snow and ice-covered sidewalks, wet and slippery floors, broken handrails on stairways, uneven floor surfaces, potholes and damaged wheel stops in parking lots, and poor lighting are common causes for slip and fall accidents. Property owners, homeowners, and retail establishment managers have a legal duty to ensure that their properties are safe and free from unnecessary hazards.

Failure to inspect, maintain, and repair residential and public spaces where people are expected to travel are examples of negligence. Victims of slip and fall accidents can suffer head, back, and neck trauma, along with broken bones, sprains, cuts, and lacerations that lead to lifelong complications and disability.

Dog Bites: Americans love their dogs and more public places are welcoming them into their establishments, which is increasing the number of dog bite lawsuits.  Dog bites can result in severe injury, infection, scarring, and trauma. Dog owners that do not properly secure their dogs in their yard, leash them in public, or fail to warn others that their dog may bite can be found negligent and held liable for a victim’s injuries. Dog owners must always assume that their pet can be aggressive since animal behavior cannot always be predicted. Frightened and injured dogs and protective pets can attack suddenly without warning.

Wrongful Death: When someone dies as a result of an accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, the families of these victims may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of personal injury claim can recover compensation for the loss of income and potential earnings of the loved one, loss of services provided by the deceased, and funeral expenses.

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