Ted Baker Speaks at Ceremony Honoring Attorneys for Pro Bono Services

November 3, 2022

On October 29th, Ted Baker had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s New Jersey Judiciary Pro Bono Ceremony. The important occasion honored 11 attorneys for providing diligent pro bono services.

Ted joins the New Jersey Judiciary in their affirmation of the vital role pro bono services plays in our country’s justice system. At the ceremony, selected attorneys were specifically recognized for their dedication in providing free and top-quality legal services to their communities.

The honorees were previously interviewed about the importance of quality legal representation. They discussed how the countless people in difficult personal and financial situations are cut off from legal resources, which denies them the opportunity to exercise their rights and be productive in our society. Aligned in their shared belief that attorneys have an obligation to assist those in need, these honorees explained that helping members of our community helps our community as a whole.

Pro bono attorneys provide free legal representation to the individuals and families that are the most vulnerable, including those with domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse issues. Their work is known to be time consuming and emotionally draining but done with zeal and determination. Ted was proud to be a speaker at the ceremony, and to join the New Jersey Judiciary in recognizing the noble and selfless efforts of these attorneys who reflect the best in the legal profession.

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